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History Curriculum Statement


The history curriculum at St Andrew’s Infant School makes use of the resources of our local area to inspire the children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of their own locality.  In line with the National Curriculum 2014, history at St Andrew’s is taught through topic blocks and in such a way that is inclusive to all our children.

At St Andrew’s, we aim to instil an appreciation of the importance of History and how it informs change and develops communities, locally, nationally and around the world.  We aim to offer a high-quality history education that will help children gain an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity to know more about the past. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to think critically, to discuss and explore.

Children will develop an awareness of the past. They will learn about significant individuals who have contributed to national and international achievements. Children also study changes within living memory as well as events beyond living memory that are nationally or globally significant such as The Great Fire of London. Children’s learning will be placed within a chronological framework, developing a sense of time.