‘Learning, Caring and Growing Together in Faith’

School Council

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Our School Council represents the views of all of our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Meet our 2023/2024 School Council representatives:

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Our school council representatives have been duly elected by their class to represent the views of their peers to make our school a better place. Our school council is made up of 4 year 1 pupils and 4 year 2 pupils. The School Council meets weekly to work on projects. 

The School Councils aims are:

  • To make their school a better place.
  • To help their local and wider community.
  • To help their peers to be heard and have a voice.

This year so far our school Council have:

  • Ran a vote throughout school, letting the children decide what additional school clubs they would like to have. The school council then reported back to staff their findings. As a result of this, now on Wednesday evenings, school runs extra curriculuar clubs such as; spanish club, ocarina club, sign language club and much more.
  • Began to research and understand more about Bee's and their importance in our community. We are hoping to run a Bee Garden project in 2024/25.
  • After being inspired by a school visitor, Grandad Wheels,  the school council organised a whole school bounce athon, raising money for 2 charities 'SIA' and 'back up' both spinal inury accosiated charities with close links to our visitor Grandad Wheels.
  • Helped raise money for Children in Need by organising a whole school running event where parents could sponsor their child to run. we raised an incredible amount of money!
  • Decided that there is far too much rubbish and dog poo on our school road! They wrote a letter together and sent it to the local council. The council were so impressed that they sent us this message:
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