‘Learning, Caring and Growing Together in Faith’

Summer 1 - Perseverance

This half term our Christin Value is Perseverance


How this is lived out?

Developing spirituality is a journey where we become more aware of our innate spirituality. This is a developing process and there may be times when big questions make us question our own ideas or beliefs. Throughout this process, perseverance is required for all to see that growth in spirituality is a journey.

Noah's Arc

This half term we have been working on the story Noah's Arc. We have been looking at Noah's perseverance when faced with adversity, his willingness to go on when times were tough and his commitment and trust in God.

The children have been making a boat and animal masks this week to help us act out the story for the WHOLE SCHOOL. We aim to show the school the story of Noah's Arc and help the other children understand perseverance.